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The final international conference

The ITET CARUSO organized the final international conference of the Erasmus + "Teaching for the Future —T4F" project on innovative digital teaching methodologies tested by several training professionals from the countries involved: Italy, France, Slovenia, Romania and Austria. The conference aimed at promoting and disseminating the project and its achievements, namely the Intellectual Outputs foreseen

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Final Transnational Meeting – Palermo, 25th and 26th November 2021.

The final meeting of the ERASMUS + project “Teaching for the future” was organized by EURO Association in Palermo the 25th and 26th November 2021. Official dissemination is still implemented via the Facebook page of the project and the web platform in use, as well as via partners own homepages. A final evaluation about implemented

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On October 29 and November 2, 2021, Ljudska univerza Velenje organized two multiplier events as part of the TEACHING FOR THE FUTURE ERASMUS+ project. Due to the pandemic, we decided to organize the event in two days, in the morning and in the afternoon. We invited teachers and school staff, volunteers who work with us,

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Multiplier Event – T4F – Eurêka 21 (France)

L’événement de dissémination (Multiplier Event) du projet Teaching for the Future (T4F) s’est déroulé le 28 octobre 2021, à Paris. Cet évènement a été l’occasion d’évoquer les objectifs du projet T4F et d’échanger autour des pédagogies actives. La journée a rassemblé des acteurs variés issus du monde de l’éducation formelle (enseignants) et informelle (associations d’éducation

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Multiplier event – Barcanesti (Romania),the 16th of June, 2021.

The Agricultural Technological High School of Barcanesti organized the multiplier event of the ERASMUS + project “Teaching for the future” at the “Gymnasium School - Poenarii Apostoli”, Prahova county, Romania, on Wednesday, the 16th of June, 2021. The purpose of the event was to promote and disseminate the project and its achievements: the online platform,

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Evento moltiplicatore – Alcamo (TP), 04 giugno 2021.

EURO organised the multiplier event of the ERASMUS + "Teaching for the future" project at ITET "G. Caruso”, in Alcamo (TP) on Friday 4th June 2021. The purpose has been the promotion and dissemination of the project and its achievements so far, in details the Learning, Teaching, Training Activities leaded by ITET Caruso and the

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Third Transnational Meeting – Zoom platform, 2nd March 2021.

The third meeting of the ERASMUS + project “Teaching for the future” was held online the 2nd March 2021. We exchanged about the implementation of the project outputs and the organisation of the short-term joint staff training event online. Practical modalities and dates, learning methodologies and modules, such as the creation of virtual tours, mind

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Futuro24: new methods for teaching science

Virtual reality, 3D, even video games: science can be taught at school in a very innovative way! And technology is also helpful for distance learning. Futuro24 talks about new tools available to teachers and students. See the presentation of the a video about 3D MODELING OF ASTROPHISICAL PHENOMENA IN VIRTUAL REALITY – Engaging society in

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The European radio Euradio dedicated one of the episode of the "Eurêka chronicle" to the european Erasmus+ projet "Teaching for the future". Find out this chronicle on Euradio website ( and the article on Eurêka blog (

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Second Transnational Project Meeting – Zoom platform, 8th October 2020.

The second meeting of the ERASMUS + project “Teaching for the future” was organised online the 8th October 2020. Unfortunately, it was not possible to meet in real in Vienna but partners managed to exchange and move forward thanks to an online meeting! Partners from 5 different countries (France, Italy, Austria Slovenia and Romania) had

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